Lia Industries

Can Help You Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


Lia Industries install standard and tubular skylights that bring the natural light of the sun into any room to help reduce the need for electric lighting in any season.


Insulating your home can cut your heat loss by as much as 75% and can generate savings of up to 30% in your energy bill alone. The roof space is the most important area of your home to insulate as it will provide the fastest and greatest return on your insulation investment.

Reflective roof coatings

DULUX AcraTex 962 COOL ROOF Membrane with InfraCOOL Technology is a high build, pigmented, water based, 100% acrylic coating providing maximum

SOLAR REFLECTANCE for optimum cooling benefit. Dulux Acratex 962 Cool Roof is designed as a Radiant Heat barrier maximising Solar reflectance and

specifically formulated for low dirt pick up in order to maintain solar reflectance properties.


Lia Industries recycles most of the old roofing materials removed from customer’s homes,  Metal is either dropped off at or picked up by local metal recyclers , tiles are binned and sent to concrete recyclers where it is crushed and reused.